The Rural Centre
   Krishnamurti Foundation India,Rajghat Fort Varanasi, India


  GCARD (Girl Child All Round Development)

The PROGRAMME -ROSA has now got a new acronym called GCARD stands for Girl Child All Round Development. This is because the development of girl child is at the core of the programme.

Under this programme the Centre provides the opportunities for the teenaged girls primarily to learn basic education such as language and mathematics. Alongside, vocational training on various skills to both young men and women are imparted. This progrmme was started in the year 2005 under the name -ROSA. It stood for Rojghar and Saaksharath. The activities are conducted at the Centre's premises in the village - Sarai Mohana.

Young women are trained in new skills and their upgradation. Training will be given for a period of six months. A nominal stipend of Rs.100 per month is given to encourage these girls. After six months period, if they wish to come and work they are allowed to do so. But they are not eligible for the stipend. On average 25-40 girls aged between 16-20 years are getting the benefit from this programme. As part of this training, they learn to make files, folders, pouches for mobile phones, CD covers, knitting, embroidery, etc. These products are sold in the exhibitions organized in the Campus. The margin earned is shared with the women/girls who produce it besides giving them their wages for making them.

Training on embroidery at Benares Hindu University

Benares Hindu University had organized training on embroidery during the month of January 2009. The Rural has association with Self-Reliant Initiatives Society (SRI), an NGO, in organizing some programmes jointly. Through this society 10 girls from GCARD were sent for the training held in the University campus.

Export of embroidered Kurtas

The girls are involved in making embroidered kurtas which are produced under Uschi's Project. They are exported to US. Please see our webpage on Unit for Women Empowerment to know more details

Vocational Trainings & Literacy Programme

a) Carpentry: The Centre conducts training programmes to the youth on various trades. During the year 2006-07 the Centre organized training on carpentry. 10 boys participated in the training and most of them got gainful employment.

b) Electrical Works: Last year 2007-08, another training progrmme on electrical works was conducted and ten boys were trained. They were given a stipend of Rs.400 per month. Mr. Shivshankar Vishwakarma of M/s Rao and Rao Company, Varanasi, facilitated training programme.

c) Literacy classes: During the last year (2007-08) classes for school drop outs were started. Children aged ranging from 10-13 attend these classes, where regular subjects were taught. It is a vertical group comprising of all students studying in different classes.

d) Play Home: Play home is another activity at GCARD for tiny tots. Small children are engaged in different activities during the morning sessions.

The Centre wishes to intensify and expand these programmes. Paucity of funds is the constraint.